Services include:

-One-on-one consultations​​ offered in person, by phone, or video meetings.

-Specializes in gut repair, fatigue, IBS, food allergies/intolerances, detox, metabolic disorders, and weight-management

-Advanced lab testing

-Wellness presentations and group education

-Professional supplement sales

-Reiki Energy Work

My personal health journey began in my mid-twenties. I started experiencing a lot of GI issues including sudden sharp pains, gas, nausea, and urgency to use the restroom. I had also developed cystic acne on my face that I had never before experienced, even in my teen years. I desperately tried everything I could think of: diet change, digestive supplements, multiple acne treatments, different make-up, etc. This went on for months, progressively getting worse despite all my efforts. 


Luckily I was working at an integrative medical clinic and had access to functional medicine doctors and healers. Based on their recommendations, I completed a food sensitivity test. The results showed that my body was reacting to over 38 different foods, most of which I was eating daily! I immediately removed these food items from my diet for the recommended 3 months, and the strangest thing happened.....

Nothing got better.

I was now underweight due to my limited diet, and feeling hopeless that I would ever feel like myself again. Yet I continued on with my search, knowing that there had to be a reason behind my symptoms. I then completed a comprehensive stool analysis test - not fun, but worth it - and finally got some answers! I discovered that I had an amoeba (single-celled organism) parasite! Yes, I was completely grossed out, but also extremely excited because now I had something tangible to work on to bring my body back into balance. After many dedicated months of repairing my GI system, I felt like myself again. My skin cleared, I was free of stomach pains and urgency, and I was able to eat all my favorite foods again!

This experience inspired me to help others find the root cause of their ailments, and not try to squash their symptoms with medications. An imbalanced body will always find a way to communicate through symptoms. It is my passion to help people listen to their bodies and interpret their symptoms into an actionable plan to find balance again.



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