Laura F

I suffered from extreme fatigue, random bruising, rashes, acne, and GI issues and saw plenty of Drs and naturopaths who didn't help much. Maddie was better than all of them. She was able to help me find the right balance of diet and natural supplements to fix my leaky gut. After almost 2 years of bouncing from Dr to Dr I can finally start eating normal foods again! I wish I had gone to her sooner. I would strongly recommend Maddie if you are dealing with any health issues. She listens well, genuinely wants to help, doesn't waste time, and is very smart and practical.

Dreama M.

A lifetime of dieting and frustrating weight fluctuations led me to Madeline's one-of-a-kind program.  With in a few months of following her recommended healthy eating plan, Madeline helped me lose weight.  Lab results reflected an undeniable improvement in my over all health.  Madeline's sincerity and comprehensive assessment, paired with her enthusiasm and personalized plans would no doubt be the solution to difficult health problems many of us face.  I am happy to say that my work with Madeline created a healthier lifestyle for me and my family that will last.  The abundance of information and hours of support I received was an investment worth every penny.

Heather B.

Maddie provides an unprecedented understanding of nutrition and well-being in a personal and professional manner.  She helps you step by step, monitors and cares about your progress and continues to support you through your health and wellness journey.  When I began working with Maddie I thought I had a clear understanding of nutrition and how to fuel my body.  However, after Maddie interpreted my lab work and daily habits, I came to find out that there was so much more than just healthy food that can have an overall effect on my health.  Maddie came up with the perfect wellness plan for me and I wish I would have worked with her sooner.  This was one of the most rewarding and positive experiences I have ever had and am forever grateful to Maddie.

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1017 Robertson Street

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InnerHealth Building in Robertson Medical Park

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