Energy Healing

Energy healing practices have been around for thousands of years, spanning many different cultures and origins. These healing therapies are based on the understanding that we are all energy beings, and balancing energy flow in or around the body can increase the body's ability to heal. When energy flow becomes weak, blocked, or stagnant, it can lead to physical and emotional imbalances or disease.

Reiki, a traditional Japanese form of energy healing, translates to 'universal life force energy,' and Reiki practitioners are attuned and trained from a lineage of teachers originating with the founder, Dr. Usui. A light touch or hover of the practitioner's hands is used to transmit healing energy to the receiver, restoring balance, encouraging healing and pain reduction, while promoting an overall sense of well-being.

A typical session is 60 minutes, while the client rests comfortably on a massage table or chair. The client is encouraged to wear comfortable, loose clothing and only the shoes are removed for the session. The Reiki Practitioner starts at the feet and will move through specific traditional hand positions over the head and body, using light touch or hovering. The session should be very relaxing, and will be followed by the practitioner's evaluation of the session and possible suggestions for the client to implement.

About the Practitioner

Madeline Kent started her Reiki training in 2001 and received her Reiki II Practitioner Certification in 2004. She loves introducing her clients to this powerful modality of healing, alongside her nutritional therapy practice. Maddie believes that everyone has the ability to heal themselves, given the proper tools and support. Reiki Energy Healing has been a tool that she has found invaluable to reduce stress, restore balance, and promote wellness for the emotional, spiritual, and physical body.


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